About Us

Better Homes & Business Cleaning Service is a new york based company specializing in the use of natural products. This means we only use cleaning products that are non toxic biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

BH&B was founded in 2006 by a woman who worked with a large company for six years as part of the maintenance staff. There were five staff in that department. Of the five people three died of various types of cancer. Over the years the possibility of what role these chemicals may have played in these diagnosis never diminished.

We at BH&B cleaning service is knowledge of the fact that not everyone care what chemicals are used in the cleaning of their home and we respect that. We feel it is our responsibility that our carbon footprint reflect what we believe and what we stand for. Therefore it is our duty to play our role and to join forces with those companies and groups to show our solidarity in this here green revolution. We take great pride in knowing we are doing this for our planet, our selves, our children, grandchildren and for future generations to come, thanking you for your support always.