Terms & Conditions

Better Homes & Business Cleaning Service specializes in the use of natural cleaning products. Therefore cleaning agents or solutions not considered non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly are never used. To ensure the use of natural products in our day to day operations we provide all cleaning solutions at all time.

Because we value our customers we try to offer them as much flexibility as possible. We are aware that some customers are not available during working hours so we offer service starting at six in the evenings. This means if you schedule a 3 hr cleaning it will end at 9 pm. Be sure you can accommodate a late cleaning.

For residential customers a walk through is required on the day of your appointment and prior to the start of your session. During the walk through the customer will explain what the cleaning requirements are. If the cleaning staff based on experience realizes the amount of hours purchased will not afford such task he /she will let the customer know. In such a situation the customer can choose to prioritize areas that need to be done or cut back. The next option is to pay for extra time a charge of $30.00 per additional hour.

Commercial prospects must perform a walk through with a BH&B representative to be arranged by appointment. An estimate cannot be achieved without a physical walk through of the site or location. A proposal is then submitted to said company for their approval. For smaller businesses a written agreement is acceptable.